Christiel Holistic Healing Center Welcomes you to our center. We support a Life of Balance, Peace, and Harmony, for Body Mind, and Spirit. Here you can set up coaching sessions, and work with a practitioner to reach your health and wellness goals. We are dedicated to supporting you in your lifes Journey.

We are based online only for the time being. We are offering appointments in the CST zone. We only offer English sessions.


Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to be a Nurse. I was the one everyone in the family went to for health advice or if my siblings had cuts or scrapes. I was definitely a tomboy too. I grew up with 6 sisters(including myself) and 4 brothers. My parents raised us to be independent adults. We were poor, but my parents did the best they could for us. I am grateful for my family.

Thus far in my life journey, I learned the basics of being happy and content with my life. I understand that healing is a lifelong journey. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to Love and Care for yourself gently. I hope in my Practice as an Integrative(Holistic) Health & Wellness Nurse Coach, and Reiki Practitioner 2, that I can help you in your healing Journey. This is not to say there won’t be bad days. This is to say that during those bad days, we won’t give up, we will take care of our selves and focus on the positive in any given situation. We won’t beat ourselves up when we mess up, and we will forgive ourselves and others for the mistakes we made in our lives, and last but not least we will help someone else down the line.

Many people are afraid of change, because, you don’t know what the outcome holds. I always tell myself, the only way out is the way through. You have to go through trials and tribulations to have a testimony. Always know your truth and know who you are. You can achieve anything you set your mind to. Don’t let anyone make decisions for you and take a leap of faith. The worst that can happen is that you fail. The good thing about failure is there is always room for improvement and you can always try again. So once again Welcome!! I hope we can be a blessing in your life. We commend you for taking this first step.


I want others to live fulfilling lives and achieve their goals. Life is so hectic everywhere we turn everyone is stressed, angry, frustrated and on their wits in on giving up. I want you to be able to find peace amidst the chaos. I want you to be able to wake up in the morning with peace love and joy. I want to pass it on/pay it forward. Someone helped me. It’s time for me to be a blessing.

Leadership/Coaching Style

We coach from a holistic style. It holds the belief that everything is connected. In order for growth to occur, balance must be achieved in all areas of life. When we look at your goals from a holistic point of view, it can shine a light on obstacles that have been blocking you from reaching your goals. We are then able to partner with you(the Client) on setting SMART goals to help you achieve success.

Specialty Areas

This is our major area of focus. If you would like to work on a goal that is not in one of these areas just give us a call or email us and we can decide it would be beneficial for us to work together.These diseases are personal and dear to me and these have affected me personally, my husband, kids, and family of origin.

1. Behavorial Health/ Mental Health: Anxiety, Depression

2. Chronic Disease: Diabetes, Cardiac Disease, High Blood Pressure

3. Stress

4.Integrated Health & Wellness: Life Balance Satisfaction, Relationships, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Nutrition, Exercise, Weight, Environmental, and Health Responsibility.


  1. Coaching Session

2. Health & Wellness Plan

3.  Reiki (Attunements Only)-coming soon

4. Other Community Resources: Free community Resources, Donations


To partner with clients on helping them reach their health and wellness goals. To provide services and resources to all who are in need. To provide positive energy and assist in your holistic healing journey.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, or to leave a review.

All the best,

Christiel Holistic Healing Center

Christie Lockett