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Christiel Holistic Healing Center Welcomes you to our center. We support a Life of Balance, Peace, and Harmony, for Body Mind and Spirit, and Soul.   Look around as begin your healing journey with us. We are dedicated to supporting you in your life’s journey. We are your support for self-healing. 


My entire life I had this sense of being an outcast. Everyone else always seems to fit in, be comfortable, get along with everyone, while I always felt different. I thought I didn’t belong Like I’m living in a box and being controlled. I was very unhappy with my life. I hated my childhood. I didn’t like my job. I wanted to give up on it all, but the truth was I was damaged by life and not taking care of myself or putting myself first. I also was not looking at all the great things that were already in front of me. I had to learn how to connect.

I grew up with 6 sisters(including myself) and 4 brothers. I am now very grateful for everything my family has done for me despite our ups and downs. We were poor, and my parents did the best they could for us. Now I have a family of my own and understand the struggle of marriage and parenthood.

I’ve come to learn to apply the basics of being happy and content with my life. I understand that healing is a lifelong journey. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to Love and Care for yourself gently.

I hope in my practice as a Holistic Health & Wellness Nurse Coach that I can help you in your Life Journey. This is not to say there won’t be bad days. This is to say that during those bad days, we won’t give up, we will take care of ourselves and focus on the positive in any given situation. We won’t beat ourselves up when we mess up, and we will forgive ourselves and others for the mistakes.

This Book below is an amazing feature for daily self-care tips and recommendations It has me develop the amazing self-care routine I have for myself today and I am continuing to build on that. 

Click Below to review the book and see what others say about it!

Live Again

Many people are afraid of change, because, you don’t know what the outcome holds. I always tell myself, the only way out is the way through. You have to go through trials and tribulations to have a testimony. Always know your truth and know who you are. Take a leap of faith. The worst that can happen is that you fail. The good thing about failure is there is always room for improvement and you can always try again. So once again Welcome!! I hope we can be a blessing in your life. We commend you for taking this first step.


I want to bring peace into the lives of others. Life is so hectic everywhere we turn everyone is stressed, angry, frustrated, and ready to quit. I want you to be able to find peace amidst the chaos.  I want you to be able to wake up in the morning with peace love and joy.  I want you to be vulnerable and live in the present moment. I want to be able to treat your disease or illness with natural measures that won’t cause dependence or side effects that will cause you to need more medication to treat the side effect. I want your home to operate on One Accord. I want to pass it on/pay it forward. Someone helped me. It’s time for me to be a blessing.

Christiel Holistic Healing Center

This site has valuable readings related to holistic health, diseases, daily bread reading, and multiple valuable resources that can help with everyday life struggles. Feel free to search around and type in keywords in the search bar. These diseases below are personal and dear to me and these have affected me personally, my husband, kids, and family of origin.

1. Anxiety (Adults)

2. Depression(Adults)

3. Burnout/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(Adults)

4.  Emotional Abuse/Childhood Trauma(Adults)

5. Physical Pain (Adults)

6. Migraines (Adults)

7. ADD/ADHD ( All ages)

8. Victimized

9. All Other Disease and Mental Health Conditions

10. Anger Management

11. Marital Issues

12. Spiritual Warfare

There is:


The Resources below is a manual that explains different mental health illnesses, symptoms, and treatment to manage. There is a wealth of information. Click the link/book below for details and to see others’ reviews. 

This link/book below is the Holy Bible. King James Version-My favorite-. The original. The other versions are available once you click on the image. Check it out below!

The Image Below is our LOGO

The Image above is our LOGO!

Treatment Methods

Our methods of treatments are based on managing symptoms of the disease process (finding the cause)using energy healing techniques and self-care essentials.

1. Holistic Health & Wellness Nurse Coach

2. Writings

3.  Self Healing Reiki

4. Resources For Life


To Provide Education on these disease processes, manage them at home, and educate on medicine as well as complementary and alternative therapies.  To provide positive energy and assist in your holistic healing journey.


Feel free to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, or to leave a review. We would like to thank everyone for their support. 


  1. Awesome content on this website i must commend.

    I have been searching for how i could very well recieve understanding about certain key issues as it relates to me and i am extremely glad to have gotten those vital questions answered as i read through the contents of this article and kept on focusing on developing strong processes.

    1. Thanks so much. Feel free to reach out and we hope to be a blessing in your life. 

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