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Daily Bread

God’s Gratefulness

Yesterday we reflected on the gratefulness of God. I just want to share some of the many many things he has brought me through. From my son having surgery and it being successful. Healing ongoing rough patches in my marriage, …

Daily Bread

Daily Bread 3/14

When God opens a door for you, go through it. One must let go of any excess baggage before going through to be successful. Pick up the tools necessary for success; mentors, prayer, guidance, correction, instruction, daily rituals, persistence, humility, …

Daily Bread

Daily Bread 3/9

Don’t lose sight of your calling and blessings. Don’t let others’ negative energy bring you down. Remain focused and diligent in your daily practice and rituals. During hard times, self-care and self-love are of utmost importance. We always say if …