Daily Bread 1/14

Love All

Proverbs 10:12

 “Hatred Stirred up strife’s: but love covereth all sins.”

     After killings and injustice catastrophes, many decide to protest. It starts off peaceful, but at the end of the day, it seems that we’re at square one again. More murders have occurred, arrests, and even worse, more injustice. It’s because we began to hate the person who started it or anyone like them. We may begin with good intention but we soon relinquish control from God and take matters into our own hands. And that is where we are wrong and more things go wrong that we did not intend. We get in too deep. We start with intentions of love and having the other side understand our perspective. You should realize you can’t make anyone do anything. You then get angry and your spirit begins to be filled with hate just like the perpetrator. We have to cover all in love. Continue to pray for enemies or else we become like them. You have given them control over you. It’s time to take back your self-control. If you choose to-Fight Right. Find ways to raise awareness and get these laws changed. We can do this together. 

Prayer: Lord each day we need you more and more. We need your guidance in our daily lives. Clear our minds. Clear our focus. Having the wrong focus is killing us and we are losing our purpose. Help us God to get back on track. We need you to take control. We are living in chaos. Our minds are focused on the wrong things. I want to pray for my enemies and follow your will for my life. Help me, please.  In Jesus’ name AMEN!

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