1. This is a beautiful Psalm and beautiful thought.  It’s no wonder those books hold such a firm place in people’s hearts.  We should always be kind as we never know where another person is in his or her life.  We must balance that kindness with the courage to stand by our convictions.  Thank you for reminding us to always do The Right Thing.

    1. You are quite welcome!

  2. Good job. This is all the motivation I needed, it is nice to digest write-ups like this. Looking forward to more, my mental state at the moment will really appreciate it. I also want to thank you for reminding me about kindness and piece of mind. I will definitely share this with my friends, they will need it.

    1. Thanks you. We are currently working on completing a daily bread for each day of the year to come to no matter what year or day it is.

  3. First I have to admit that the truth in this article is something we all need to see and for the fact that there is so much that everyone is going through and we just have to give them the attention and support. Lots of people need such motivation and this would be just perfect for me to go through a long time and I’m happy about it. 

    1. Thank you

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