Daily Bread 1/18

Wash Me White as Snow

Psalms 51:10

 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

     Starting over isn’t easy. We always worry about everything (what others will think, if we are making the right decision, what the future holds, or will we regret this decision in the future). But when we hold fast to God’s unchanging hand he tells us not to worry for he is in control. That is where faith and trust come in. You have to trust him wholeheartedly that he would never steer or lead you in the wrong direction.


     Today Lord I would like to make a decision to change for the better. A lot is weighing on my mind. I just want to keep my life the way it is forever because I am comfortable. I know this is not what you want for me. Can you keep me, Lord, through this uncomfortable time in my life and guide my steps. All this pain is not easy to handle. Some days it’s so much easier to numb me with medication, alcohol, sleep, or keeping busy with work. I can’t keep going on with my life this way. I need your guidance and direction Lord. I am ready to trust you, Lord. Please guide my steps down the path you have for my life. In Jesus Name Amen!

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