Daily Bread 1/28

Who or What are You Holding on to. 

Ecclesiastes 8:12 KJV

 “Though a sinner do evil a hundred times, and prolong his days, yet surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God, that fear before him:”

 Sometimes you lose people before they’re actually gone. You may not understand what I mean. This means when someone is no longer in your life as once before, but are s hitill here on earth. They may have abandoned you, or vice versa. We have relatives and friends that we never speak to or haven’t seen in years. It may not be you. You may have tried to reach out but they don’t want to be bothered. You have to go on with your life. One day you may see this person. When you do, be yourself. Don’t let fear rule, don’t back down. Let the lord guide you. Be genuine and show your progress in your healing. You don’t have to do or say anything your not ready to. Just be open and let God lead the way. Your light and love just might give the other person a change of heart. But if it doesn’t, don’t let this bring you down or cause you to lose sleep at night. Continue on your journey. Keep going, don’t give up. This will work in your favor. 


     Lord help me to focus on those who genuinely love me. Allow me to understand that everyone does not mean me well but most people do. Help me to put you first God and no one or thing before you. I want to be used by you Lord.  Help me to look to the future and not dwell in the past. In Jesus name! Amen

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