Daily Bread 3/15

Have you come to the realization that others are not against you. There are bad spirits ready to attack you at every turn. You have to be a warrior for your team. It is not the other person but a spiritual realm invading their true spirit. Let us be a mentor and leader for others to follow so we may help others change for the better.

The top two places the enemy tries to attack are your mind and your heart. I feel healing in these two areas is the most powerful.  Having a renewed mind is a chance to live again. Going through years of therapy and continuing to this day, has shaped who I am and my passion for holistic health. Battling mental health is not easy and those going through know what we mean. You can get through this battle. Don’t give up! Fight for your life! Look below for some Holistic Health Info

Complementary and Alternative Therapies

  1. Whole Medical Systems
  2. Mind-Body Techniques
  3. Biology Based PRactices
  4. Manipulative and Body BAsed TEchniques
  5. Energy Therapies

This list was taken as a resource from Denise Millstine, MD from Mayo Clinic   Click Here to Read More

Huge Thanks to Antonika Chanel for the Video!

Also, remember we don’t have all the answers and we too need mentors in our life as well.


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