Each One can Reach One

When God continues to bless you, be sure to include those who have supported you in this journey. Use those blessings to share life with your loved ones. Continue to strive for excellence and give back. We all need each other to survive.

I heard a great message from Bishop T. D. Jakes that went something like, be intentional about spending time with those who feed you(inspire, motivate, and lift you up) than those who need you(only take from you, not there when you need them, etc). Sometimes I get crossed up in trying to make a decision on what to do because I have such a huge heart. This heart has been abused by many, but it is up to me to safeguard it. I have to make sure I put myself first. That may mean saying no sometimes or canceling plans. They may mean helping out my friend who is always there for me to miss an outing with a coworker.

What are your thoughts on this topic?


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