Peace Be Still

Peace be still. Have you heard the sound of Stillness lately? It is blissful, peaceful, healing are relaxing. Have you ever tried to find the moment or space that is quiet? You can enhance it with essential oils or candles and just sit or stand whichever you like and just take a deep breath in as deep as you can and hold it. If you have pain somewhere in your body like your neck your back shoulders feet anywhere try to breathe deep into that area and while you are holding your breath gently wiggle it around left to right up and down circular motion whatever is comfortable for you and when you breathe out just visualize yourself release in that tension that negative energy that pain. You may have to do this a few times the kind of get used to it and start receiving benefits from it in your life. This can be done in the bathroom at work in your bed in your backyard just wherever you can find a peaceful moment.

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