Health & Wellness Coaching Group Sessions

 I am a deep listener to your story. I will witness your unfolding journey through life to facilitate your healthiest life. I am a Nurse Coach. I work with people who struggle with stress, creating healthy coping strategies, and reaching goals they set. 

Choosing me as your nurse coach can help you with having more clarity in your daily,  life to reach your goals, become more mindful, decrease stress levels, anxiety and depression. What differentiates me from others is that I am a confident, creative, and capable registered nurse coach who struggles with the same life issues. I am dedicated daily to be my best self. I am here to partner with you to do the same for your life.  

You don’t have to do this alone. We have individual sessions as well as groups. You are able to participate in both  This is not therapy. 

I have a passion for helping others overcome stigmas to general health & wellness, mental health, burnout, and compassion fatigue. This makes my clients feel encouraged, hopeful, empowered, and alive.

Session Info

We are offering Free Individual Session & Free Group Sessions

Group Coaching will be on every other Thursday starting July 1, 2021.



This group is made possible by the International Nurse Coach Association and Integrative Nurse Coach Academy program through October 2021.


Do you see your body changing into the body you dreamed of from your health & nutrition goals being reached?

When you touch your skin do you see your muscles underneath and less fat?

Can you taste what your spirit and body are cravings when you bite into those berries and whole foods?

Do you hear the compliments of those saying you are glowing and you look great?

Do you smell the fresh air as you take a step outside and the sweet-smelling aroma when you blend those spices with whole foods?





  1. Hey!  I think it’s a wonderful idea to start something like this; there are so many of us out there who don’t have anyone really to check in with about our mental health or have someone/soething around to provide a framework for how we want to approach our health and wellness.  Thank you for being such a person!

    1. You are very welcome Rene. Thank you for sharing. 

      Be Blessed

  2. This looks like a really interesting way for personal or group therapy in a non-threatening environment.  What I find particularly interesting is how these sessions are done online; this means you do not have to go to a physical place and personally meet and greet a whole group of people you do not know.

    I also really like the idea that it is as non-threatening as possible.  It is non-judgmental – we all have issues after all.  It is all about finding our own personalized best way toward healing.  The social support from these kinds of sessions can truly be life-changing.  Frequently, it can be a kind of accountability group where you are encouraged toward positive interventions in a non-threatening way.  

    It looks like a wonderful concept toward an improved quality of life through positive physical and mental health interventions – what could be better!


    1. Yes, and since covid, most people are still doing virtually. Also, not everyone is able to come to one location. Thank you Dave so much for your support. 

  3. Hi Christie, I can’t really tell from the post on Health & Wellness Coaching Group Sessions, exactly what the group sessions entail. Can you tell me a little bit more, or is there information elsewhere on your website?  I would assume the dates and times are for an online session?  What is used to get everyone together?

    1. Hey, can you send me the email that you would like details sent to?

  4. This looks like a great program for health wellness coaching.  I’ve been trying to control my high blood pressure naturally with supplements and exercise.  It’s helped a little but I need more professional help.  I would like to enroll in September when I have free time.  Can you tell me more about the group sessions and the agenda?  

    1. Thank you AlyseS. It’s great that you have taken some positive steps for your health & wellness. I would enjoy partnering with you. You can send your full name with the email address you want me to send info t. Include in the email if you are interested in individual coaching, group coaching, or both. I will send info via email regarding more details about the agenda and session. 

      Be Blessed

  5. Thanks for sharing this well written and informative post with us. I have never heard of this program before, but i’m always interested to read about such things.

    What is the weekly $30 per person fee? Is this something members have to pay each week on top of the joining fee?

    Do they have can affiliate program in place for promoting or reviewing the program?

    1. Thank you for your reply. IF you have visited the booking page, the $30 fee is for group sessions per person. We currently have 40 Free sessions available sponsored by the Internation Nurse Coach Association. Once those sessions are completed we will begin charging again. 

      There is no affiliate program associated with this company. 

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