Honey Bunches of Oat Healthy: Caramel Apple

Honey Bunches of Oat Healthy: Caramel Apple

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When I looked at this product on the store shelf in the Rouses Supermarket I just had to try. I already love Honey bunches of oats, So I wanted to try this. Now while I would give it 5 starts, It wasn’t what I expected. When I saw Caramel Apple-I kind of thought of a candied Caramel apple taste. This product was more of a Honey bunches of oats meets Cinnamon Toast Crunch, But it was delicious and I would definitely recommend.

Only 1.5g Total Fat per Serving Size
0Mg of Cholesterol
25Gm(8%TDA)of Carbohydrates
2Gm of Protein
Many Vitamins and Minerals
I recommended this as a part of your health plan for a nutritious breakfast. It has great flavor and nutrition.


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