Life You Make IT

As I site outside on this beautiful afternoon, the wind blowing, the sun warming the atmosphere. I am in deep though about my life. Thinking about the past and learning from all the mistakes I have made. Living in the present moment and analyzing my life. How did I get here. I got here by every decision my parents made before I was able to make my own decisions and then by every decision I made for myself once I was capable.

Life is no joke, as an n adult you are responsible for every aspect of yourself not to mention if you have children. You have to eat, have a place to live, have clothing, career, and plan for future as well as unforeseen circumstances. What do you do when you are not happy with any of it. Do you just give up and quit. No, because as bad as you thought your life was, it is really going to go downhill from here if you give up.

God gives you strength and grace sufficient enough to sustain you each day. If it’s too much for you, pray about it. You can handle it. It times of need it is great to find reliable and resources and speak to someone who has a true listening ear. Wake up each day and focus on the positive. Be grateful and focus on what is right in your life. Take an extra moment to hug your love ones before leaving out of the door. Stare at the sky, the garden, the birds a little while longer while taking a big deep breath to cleanse all those negative energies from you.

You are more powerful than you know. God made man in his image. We are a powerful creature. We speak life. We can also speak death. So we must remain aware of what we are drawing into our lives. If you have a family pray that they are covered and safe as they go about their journey of daily life. Pray for their safety, and that all their needs are met. Trust that on your bad days that it will come to an end. Nothing last forever. Don’t give up hope. Trust in the higher power.


These are just some thought that came into my heart sitting outside one afternoon. I pray that anyone read this be blessed and covered in Jesus Name! Amen!

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