Be no limit person: GOD is Moving!!!

Be no limit person: GOD is Moving!!!

After listening to a very deep youtube video with Bishop T.D Jakes, and Official Steven Furtick titled ”

How To Build Your Vision From The Ground Up | Q&A With Bishop T.D. Jakes”  

Published 10/26/2017. You know in the video T.D.Jakes said they were just having a conversation they would have had anyway whether we were watching or not. He said the viewers were just eavesdropping. Well tell you what I was definitely eavesdropping trying to get all the insights I could, and believe me this book gets 5 STARTS, HANDS DOWN, 4 THUMBS UP(including my two big toes, lol). But let’s get to what I picked out from this video‚Ķ ITS LIFE CHANGING!!!

This Blog is a view of my insight and me breaking it down in a way I know how. This is the message i’m intending. See Video and Book for your own insight. . 

He (Bishop T.D. Jakes) started with how God blessed everyone with defenses. You should not look at what others have, and be grateful for your blessing. God gave animals certain strengths: birds can fly, fish can swim, elephants are large for prey to fear, lions have a mighty ROAR!!!!!!!!!. So what do we as humans have.. We were blessed with a defense of our mind. You are already blessed if you still have your mind. It is true when they say a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Don’t waste your mind. Your mind can bring your greatest blessing. You have to give God control of it and let him guide you.  

I know for the longest I struggled with letting go of people who did not mean me well or had no place in my blessings. I wanted to hold on to everybody and being just to say I had someone. When people starting finding time for everything else but me i was distraught. It still affects me from time to time today but I know it was all in gods plans for me to reach my highest potential and soar. One of the most powerful messages in this book is that you have a miracle in what left you and what you left behind. Let it GO! you can do it just take one day and step at a time. A big part of healing is actually processing and feeling the emotions and pain. YES I WONT LIE IT HURTS, BUT IT WORTH IT!!!. 

     Many who know me , especially since I started nursing school and became a registered nurse, Know i call myself bag lady sometimes. I always have a bag full of stuff and a water bottle(lol). I realize that half the stuff I had with me served no use. My bag would have my feminine products which was a necessity, but I would also have my bill book, my family calendar, an unused toothbrush, resources from old jobs, gratitude journal, snacks that I never ate, coupons, a towel, OMG and so much more(im serious my bags are packed). But listening to this video really resonated with me. T. D Jakes stated something like this: Does Not load your bag with items or things you don’t need. I see now he meant: things, people, problems, the past, the future, and so much more. This part caused me to just go ahead and get book. This is such a great inspiration.  

      There is so much more from this book. I truly recommend you get it. 

Some other great points from the video and the book include: 

1. What are you willing to leave behind to get there(to where you want to be in life, and reach your dreams)

2. Going into business for the customer need. 

3. Be and answer and solutions. 

4. Dont let not having enough stop you from getting up. 

5. Being Famous is the consequence of being effective. 

6. People will make you guilty until proven innocent. 

7. Your life is your business. 

8. Be careful who you have around you. 


10. And, Move when God gives you, your next opportunity……


BOOK STUDY GUIDE: CLICK HERE-great for entrepreneurs, or those looking to fufill their dreams


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