Renewed Mind

I want to be made whole!

We all want a life where our grass is the greenest. Where we are successful, raised thriving children, perfect credit score, big home, and lots of money in the bank. Doesn’t that sound amazing. I don’t want to discourage as all these things are possible if you work hard to attain them.

For those of you who have been giving your all to try to attain these things but come up short: time after time, generation after generation, year after year. Have you ever thought to yourself? What could be possibly holding me back or getting in my way?

Commit to Full Recovery

We all need to be our best selves to thrive. That is not to say, we will all be rich, or our lives will be perfect. We will, however, be happy with our life, content, and at our highest potential. We won’t worry or compare ourselves to the next person, but be content with where we are on our journey.

  1. Commit to Healing and having balance in our lives on al levels: Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Soul, others
  2. Find our who is actually in control of your life: Is it God, you, friends, parents, boss, or whomever else.
  3. If you have symptoms-what is the source? To truly treat something you have to treat the cause or the symptom will keep returning. For example anxiety, depression, anger, etc.
  4. Find Out what you need to confront. For me it was so much, here are a few: abandonment, loneliness, misguided, fear, anxiety, and relationships amongst many more. These issues need to be addressed in order for me to heal. You can not afford to continue to deny it if you want to heal.

If it involves another person, you do not always need to speak directly with the other person to heal, but, if the relationship is to continue it is highly recommended.

Confronting You

The person to confront is you. How can you confront others if you can not confront yourself? Have you ever heard there is your side, the other person’s side, and then the truth to every story? You have to remember the version of the story you taught yourself.

  • Did you teach yourself that your parents did not love you by their actions?
  • Did others make you feel less important?
  • What about being good enough?
  • You were not supposed to be born.
  • I love you
  • We will never be friends again

Above are some false beliefs of my story. It came from my perception of what others meant or how I felt. Regardless of if the other person loved me or not or meant it or not, it was not my truth.

According to those things my truth would be even though you may not love me, I love myself and am worthy of giving and receiving love. It is up to you how you process things. You have to know in your heart and without a doubt that you are wonderfully made.

Conquer All

Once you confront the issue, you will then need to conquer it. You do so by processing it piece by piece, one issue at a time.


Know that you are:

  • beautiful
  • fearfully and wonderfully made
  • not perfect and that’s okay
  • so much more……try filling in the blank and say to yourself or comment below three things that you are
  • ___________
  • ___________
  • ___________

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