Daily Bread 11/6

So many things this year may have not fallen into place for you, don’t lose hope. Focus On Healing the past and looking forward to the future. You cannot change anything that has already happened. You can learn from the past and as well as your mistakes. There are good things to come. Strive for peace and stability in your life today.

Exodus 14:14

The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.


  1. Such a simple, straightforward post Is a comfort to read.  Exodus 14 is such a wonderful chapter (although brutal) about following God and finding help.  The people were called not to look back and be afraid of the pursuing army, but just to look forward with Hope in God.  When because of the pandemic or a problem at work or difficulty in a relationship, we are asked to do the same thing.

    1. Thanks for reading! Beautifully said

  2. What a wonderful reminder that even though this year has been rough for so many,myself included. That there is still hope and goodness in the world. It is nice to just take a pause and deep breath.Even in the chaos of this year and the pandemic we can still strive for peace and calm. Hope you are doing well,keep up the positivity the world needs more of this.

    1. Yes taking one day at a time as everyone. Blessing to you and your family.

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