Success not final Failure not fatal

OOPS I did it again…….

OMG! I can count so many times that I’ve given my all and jumped into something wholeheartedly only to fail. I’d say to myself maybe I was not doing it for the right reasons, maybe I wanted to impress others, or maybe I just wanted to be in the spotlight for once. I’ve given learned through all my success and failures that you have to do it for the right reasons, you have to be capable of doing it, and you have to be willing to fail.

My Many Failures…..

  1. Nursing School. As you all know nursing school is hard. It was one of the hardest things I’ve given ever done in my life. Between my first day and me getting my degree I had 2 kids, taken off two semesters, and failed my exit exam several times. There were many times I wanted to give up. I was trying to juggle so much and not putting my focus in one area. I was scattered and all over the place. After graduating and working several places I began to get burned out. This was due to me once again juggling too much, 2 kids, spouse, family, friends, trying to start several business)which I will get to shortly) and life itself. I was trying to make as much as possible to pay all the bills I had, car note, student loans, insurance, and everything else…. There came a time I wanted to give up, several times actually.  Then there were times that I actually gave up, quitting one job without having a other one lined up.  I was over it all. Only God brought me through.                                                                                                                       
  2. My Tax Business. This came about because every year I do my own taxes, and I took courses where I learned so much about them. I am great with numbers, so I thought I would create an LLC. I end up not really getting many clients and year after year I spent more than I made, but I took a leap of faith and learned from that experience.                                                                                                                    
  3. CHHC. While I don’t consider this a failure, I learned so much from this experience. As stated earlier I was doing too much at once and then COVID-19: ENOUGH SAID. But back to the point, With my reiki Practice, I was trying to do a healing circle, reiki clients at center, and other sites, write, work as a nurse, be a mother and wife, sell healing essentials, and so much more. While it may not sound like a lot to some, It was too much for me. I was not balancing my work with fun and rest. I realized that after going through therapy and so much more, I was trying to help others with their lives, when I needed to help myself first. I’ve given cut back on a lot. I now only see distance reiki clients, use on patients to aid in healing, and have geared towards writing. Writing is my passion and method of healing. It is through my writing, and reading where I heal.

Success after Failing

  1. I graduated with a BSN Degree. I am a Registered Nurse
  2. I am now narrowing my focus for CHHC on distance reiki, attunements, and writing.


My writings are based on Reiki. I choose this option to transform positive life force energy into words that are available for FREE 24/7. If you are looking for help with depression, anxiety, or just want to learn more about reiki and holistic health that is what this site is for. We will also add resources and local non-profit organization benefits soon.

Never Give Up

None of us are failures. We all have to learn from life. You can try to be perfect but no one is void of life. It will happen, how will you respond. How you respond makes all the differene. We are all powerful beings. Never give up no matter how many times you may fail. I keep God first. Whomever your higher power or source may be. Keep them first. 

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