Take a Bath: Cleanse your whole self

As a Registered Nurse and Reiki Practitioner, I have come to understand the importance of self care. Many of other practitioners, officers, therapist, and really everyone could relate. One great way to care for yourself is to remain grounded and perform techniques throughout the day. While there are many different techniques out there, for this post we will focus on one called,

“Dry Bathing”

How To Perform

1. With your Right-hand stroke from your Left Shoulder to your Right Hip
2. With your Left-hand stroke from your Right Shoulder to your Left Hip
3. With your Right-hand stroke from your Left Shoulder to your Right Hip
4. With your Right-hand stroke from your Left Shoulder to your Fingertips
5. With your Left-hand stroke from your Left Shoulder to your Fingertips
After performing you should feel a sense of release and less stressed. This can be performed in the morning and in the evening.

Where To Perform

Dry Bathing can be done in bed, outdoors, before yoga or meditation, in the shower, etc. You can do this at your desk, on your lunch break. It is really up to you.
1. Before getting out of bed
2. Before going to bed
3. Lunch break
4. Shower/bath
5. In between clients
6. Before yoga, meditation

As a Reiki Practitioner. I use this technique when I awake and before bed. I also perform before and after each client. This is used on my clients once I assess their blockages. They really love it. It brings a sense of calm and peace.
To view an example you can look on youtube for bathing techniques. I will make a video soon and attach it.


I want to first discuss grounding briefly. Grounding is a method to get rid of energy that has been passed on to you and picked up throughout the day for others. Grounding techniques aid in getting rid of these energies the are not yours.


Grounding gives a source of strength. It also helps replenish low energy or depleted energy. If you have been giving yourself to help others all day and are truly drained at the end of the day, grounding will help refuel your own energy. This is very important and necessary to prevent burnout. Grounding helps us to be present, and focused to be able to help others. We are no good to others if we don’t take care of ourselves.

Not being Grounded causes the following: Unfocused, Spacey, and being out of touch with feelings and needs.

Please comment below any techniques that you may use for grounding or if you have tried dry bathing before. Please ask any questions also in the comment box below.

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