What is your Niche?

What is your niche?
Mine is caring for and teaching others how to care for themselves.

What is your niche that you are working within?
I have chosen paths of customer service, nursing, management, childcare, private duty nursing, healing, spiritual practice, holistic healing.

Any successes (not just financial, but things you are proud of)?
Being a child of God, parenting, marriage, helping others, being unique.

Your plans and goals in the upcoming 3 months?
Grow my business, lose weight, continue down the path of my calling. continue to grow and prosper, help and make a difference in many other lives.

Your plans and goals in the upcoming 6 months?
Save for a home, have defined plans for savings/retirement, build my support system and friendships, have fun with family and friends, continue growing my business, build business partnerships, finish level 3 of Reiki(master/teacher level)
This is a great way to share with others what you have accomplished thus far and will also lead to some really awesome networking within the community. So comment below your answers to these if you would like. it doesn’t have to be a novel, just write whatever you are comfortable with sharing.

Thanks all

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