Who was First? Self Care & Me Time: Basic Essential Benefits

Its time to put you first Ladies and Gentlemen. 

Aromatherapy Benefits: 

Relief from anxiety and depression, and improved quality of life, just to name a few. 

Epsom Salt Bath Benefits: 

Can relax tired muscles, decrease stress, relieve mind, and loosen stiff joints. It is beneficial for arthitis pain and swelling. 

Bubble Bath Benefits: 

Speed up muscle recovery, relax tired muscles, and helps indivual relax and aid in stress relief. 


Aid in relaxing, creating a soothing atmospher, healing properties, helps to ease and soothe the mind. 


Taking care of your self with these easy self care essentials can bring positive energy and decrease daily stressers of your life. You are worth it. More articles to come with more detailed information!!

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