Whole Foods: Apple Pie

So I heard An apple a Day Keeps the Doctor away. I suffered with contipaiton really bad. I’m 100% sure it was from my poor diet and not eating enough fiber. 

Many People Do not get enough fiber in their diets. We may supplement with stool softners, laxatives, or other over the counter supplements. 

Did you know that If you increased your daily fiber intake and water consumption, you probable would not have to take these anymore. 

According to Everyday Health: 

The national fiber recommendations are 30 to 38 grams a day for men and 25 grams a day for women between 18 and 50 years old, and 21 grams a day if a woman is 51 and older. Another general guideline is to get 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories in your diet.

To many number right. I reccommend that you slowly increase whole fruits and veggies in your daily diet, and drink more water. 

To compare to the national recommendation we are going to look at an apple: 

One serving, or one medium apple, provides about 95 calories, 0 gram fat, 1 gram protein, 25 grams carbohydrate, 19 grams sugar (naturally occurring), and 3 grams fiber.

Other Fruits and Fiber content: According to Healthline- Fiber Content

Pears: 5.5 grams in a medium-sized pear, or 3.1 grams per 100 grams 

Strawberries: 3 grams in one cup, or 2 grams per 100 grams. This is very high given their low calorie content 

Avacados: 10 grams in a cup, or 6.7 grams per 100 grams

Raspberries: One cup contains 8 grams of fiber, or 6.5 grams per 100 grams 

Bananas: 3.1 grams in a medium-sized banana, or 2.6 grams per 100 grams

NOW: What you been waiting for: Apple Pie right-Not apples!

Great Healthy Apple Pie Recipe! CLICK HERE!!!


You can also google healthy recipes or watch health food vlogs on YouTube. 

If you have any ideas you would like to share comment or drop link below. 


Happy Holidays!!

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