Why My Skin is so dry: You haven’t tried my Aromatherpy Skin Scrub

Frankincense Aromatherpy Full Body Sugar Scrub

CHHC has created a Aromatherpy skin scrub that can be used on all skin types. Below we well discuss, benefits of the essential oil, benefits of this product, different uses, who may not used this product, alternative products you can use, purchasing this product, and warnings. You don’t want to miss this, especially if you have dry skin like me, or eczema like my husband and my youngest son. Even if you already have beautiful skin but are looking for a natural alternative, This just may be the product for you.

Benefits of Using Frankincense Essential Oil

We have several essential oil options for this product. For Purposes of this article we will focus on the one that has most benefits for skin conditions.

Frankincense Essential Oil. If you have never heard of it , Frankincense has been around Thousands of years. Initially used for spiritual and religious purposes. It is a non-toxic, non irritant, and non-sensitizing. It is useful for many health conditions: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, breaking up phlegm, helping digestive disorders, prevent bad breath, cavities, toothaches, mouth sores, and other infections just to name a few. Here we will focus on how it will aid you in your skin care routine. Always consult with your physician and/or dermatologist when on prescription medication.

Benefits of Using This Product: Frankincense Aromatherapy Full Body Sugar Scrub

When I created and first used this product. I wasn’t sure it was going to do anything, But after the Very first use I noticed my skin was smoother and looked less scarred. I didn’t even need to apply lotion or cream after using it. It also did not leave my skin oily. I was happy. With the essential oil I also felt calm and relaxed. This product is intended to exfoliate your skin. By removing dead skin cells on the outermost surface, It is allowing new skin cells to generate. Skin naturally sheds dead cells about every 30 days. When the dead cells don’t shed completely this causes skin problems: dry, flaky, itchy, patches, and clogged pores that mostly everyone experiences. By Exfoliating with this product you can improve the appearance of your skin in several ways: skin looks brighter(glowing), prevent clogged pores, fewer breakouts, increase collagen production(causes glowing & vibrant skin) and so many more benefits.

Various Uses

Sugar Scrub

This product along with its alternative oils (Lavender Oil or Peppermint Oil) have various uses as well. It is intended to be used as a full body scrub, but can be used on any target areas if you choose not to use for full body. It can be used as a face, hand, and/or foot scrub and exfoliater. They are multiple uses if you just want to use the oils by themselves as well. We will save that for another time when We dive into the oils individually. Comment below if you have any question about possible uses or questions regarding our product.

Frankincense Oil: Who can not use this Product

This product is not to be used if you are pregnant or expecting, or children(IN THIS CASE YOU WOULD USE LAVENDER-SAFE FOR ALL). Please consults also with a dermatologist if you have a diagnosed skin condition and if you are on prescribed skin products. Do not use this product if you are allergic to Coconut, Almonds, or Sodium Chloride. Do not use this product on open wounds. This product is not intended to be ingested or used internally.

Alternative Sugar Scrubs: For those who can not use Frankincense Oils- TRY LAVENDER(OUR MOST POPULAR BECAUSE EVERYONE CAN USE IT). SEE OUR POST ON LAVENDER Sugar scrub

An alternative option to the Frankincense skin scrub is the Lavender. The Lavender scrub can be used during pregnancy and on children. This scrubs has the same benefits as the Frankincense scrub. Additional benefits include smooth and softer skin.

Alternative Sugar Scrubs: For those who can not use Frankincense Oils-Peppermint(GREAT REFRESHER, RELAXING, & REJUVINATING)

An alternative option to the Frankincense, and Lavender skin scrub is the Peppermint The Peppermint scrub can not be used during pregnancy  For Kids I would stick with Lavender as a safe bet. This scrubs has the same benefits as the Frankincense and Lavender scrub. Additional benefits include moistened skin, feeling refreshed, relaxed, less stressed and anxiety.

Where to BUY

Right now you can purchase this product in person at 627 Opelaousas St Suite 2, New Orleans, LA 70114. You can order online via Shopify Link.


FREE local delivery to Greater New Orleans Area for $20 purchase or higher.
$5 Delivery if purchase is below $20

Ship/Mail Delivery Available: 5 Fee

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As stated above, do not use this product if you are allergic to coconut, almond, or sodium chloride. If you are pregnant or nursing, or a child do not use the Frankincense  or Peppermint product. Okay for pregnant woman and children to use Lavender. Caution when using this product in shower. The product can cause shower to become slippery. Cleanse shower after use.


This product is intended for external use only. Apply in shower to Freshly washed skin. Leave skin Damp, Apply in shower. Apply skin scrub in circular motion to small sections at at time. Can use all over full body. Continue to exfoliate for about 3-5 minutes by continuously rubbing skin with scrub in circular motion. Rinse Thoroughly. Pat skin dry after use. Use in shower about 2-3X per week. There is no need to shower again after use.

Full body skin scrub.  Consult with dermatologist if you are using prescribed skin products.

Essential Oil Options:

Frankincense: Great if you have skin conditions, sensitive skin, or any skin type. Exfoliating, heals skin conditions, evens skin tones, lightens scars and aged spots.Do not use Frankincense if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not use on Frankincense on babies or children.

Lavender: Great for Expecting Moms and Children. Exfoliation, smoothing skin, anti-inflammatory, relaxing.

Peppermint: Refresher, Exfoliation, moistens dry skin, boost circulation.

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  1. Hi
    I hear about these different products quite often, and (I am a guy), when I stroll through supermarket aisles I tend to take my time and browse through the different concoctions on offer in the shelves. But apart from the shower gel, tooth paste & shampoo, I don’t think I have ever bought any thing apart from the standard offerings.
    If I am in a shop, like most everyone I am looking at prices and from what I notice the prices of the standard stuff I buy, and the specialized essential oils of different brands, don’t have a great price variation.
    One thing I have tried is grapeseed extract, which I take it as a capsule. and I have been using them for years. However I now see Grapeseed oil on the shelves and and I have a bit of a problem there because I also use grapeseed oil to cook with. With your medical background and experience in essential oils etc. maybe you are able to do post some of information here on that product. I am just not in the habit of drinking cooking oil.

    1. I also have a special blend of products for males: bath salts, skin scrubs, and shower wash.

  2. This seems like a product worth trying. Eczema is an irritating problem and resisting the urge to rub, even scratch takes a lot of self control.
    I have a very mild case of it but my ex wife had a fairly severe problem, and she would a new type of lotion every other week seeking some relief from it.
    She worked at a hospital, so I guess she was luckier than most as she was able to get good medical advice as to what to use, and I would be part of testing process too, when she come home with a new cream.
    But, hospitals are like any other work place, and as well as the regular mainstream advice, there are always people who experiment and come up with different ideas to help others.
    Although these may seem “esoteric” to some people they generally do have some basis that will help some one suffering with skin problems.
    I notice you have “RN” beside your name so I am guessing you have experimented with plenty of mixtures to help give people relief from eczema. With two “patients” at home to test out the validity of your idea’s, and with your medical training you obviously have some idea what is worth trying and what is not.

    Frankincense Aromatherpy is not something I have come across before and although I guess nearly everyone has heard of Frankincense essential oils and it uses, infusing it with other ingredients( I guess that is what you have done), to make a body scrub that helps with eczema is very inventive of you. Obviously driven by the need to offer some relief to your husband and son.
    Unfortunetly I was not able to access the links so I am not able to see the product. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
    Thank you for putting this out there.

    1. Yes, Would you all like a free sample of any of the products to try on a small area of the skin.

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